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That one dude, you know

Born in the early 80's and still very much living in the 90's. I'm a gaming, toy, comic, and dead storage medium enthusiast living in the eastern US. I'm a project manager, but I doubt I'll ever talk about that here. I enjoy it but I'd like to keep my work and fun separated.

If it's on a cartridge or tape, it's probably my jam. I really like old technology. My games are on cartridges, movies on vhs, and music on cassette. Keeping these things in working order is a lot of fun for me and I've thought about putting together some how-to videos or faqs, so maybe that'll show up here eventually.

Making art is fun too but just for fun and mainly for myself. If you're interested in seeing a few things you can hop over to the art page. Maybe I'll upgrade to a bucket-o-photos or an instant graham one of these days.

Comics are really great. I like older Marvel and DC and IDW for newer things.

Did you know that pizza is the best food ever created? Especially on Friday's but it can totally be enjoyed ANY time.

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