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Let's go away!

Here's some links to some other sites I think are worth your time.


Pizza Plazm (http://www.chrisjsorrentino.com/) - The "Reel Ghostbusters" project by Chris J Sorrentino takes key scenes from the Ghostbusters movies and recreates them with the cast of the Real Ghostbusters. There's also some shots from the Real Ghostbusters recreated with the movie cast. Click the website for the full gallery!

Video Games

Hidden Palace - A community dedicated to preserving video game development media, such as game prototype builds and source code.

The Cutting Room Floor - Similar to the Hidden palace. The Cutting Room Floor is dedicated to unearthing and preserving content that was cut from video games before their final release.

Sega Retro - Wiki dedicated to the history of Sega covering the 1940s all the way to today!

Sonic Triple Trouble 16 bit - Did you know there's a 16 bit remake of the Game Gear classic Sonic Triple Trouble and it's dope to play? Click here to download.


https://www.theaquabats.com/ - Homepage of The Aquabats Super Hero Ska Band!

http://thecybertronicspree.com/ - Homepage of the all robot Rock and Roll band from another planet, Cybertronic Spree!


https://comicbookplus.com/ - Here's a place where you can read very old comics that are now part of public domain...so they're free! I go for the horror section myself.


Neocities is an awesome host, but did you know that you can also browse all the other sites people have created just like with Geocities back in the day? Here are some favorites I've stumbled upon just browsing.

CASTLE CYBERSKULL - A must visit. This site fully captures the Geocities experience in all its glory.

The Horror GIF Necronomicon - This is likely the largest collection of Horror and Halloween related GIFS and web resources ever put together. Even if you're not in need of a GIF this site is just so fun to browse around.

Odditycommoddity - A 90's feast for the eyes. Make sure you're checking this one out on a desktop.

Just plain neato

These don't really fall into any particular category, I just think they're cool.

Frogpon - This machine vends Frogpon cards. How many can you collect?

The Sunbow Marvel Archive - This blog is dedicated to the preservation of all production materials related to Sunbow and Marvel productions. An absolute treasure trove of behind the scenes information on these classic productions.

The End of Town - Do you like parallax scrolling as well? You gotta check this out. Scroll the page up and down.