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Sometimes I do arts and other projects. Arts and crafts! Below are past, present, and some abandoned things of mine.

My Art

Please do not use or distribute without my permission. Shoot me an email.

received_179874856227086 IMG_20191027_105349689 FB_IMG_1585951893410 Flatwoods Scare mushroom man

Cave Goblin Sonic Chilidog Siren Monster shred IMG_20191006_202504810

Pink spacesuit Frozen Mindless Creeping feeling Floating eye of death

Raphael Senator robot Ghost shark Straw Sega Goblin


Super Rad Arcade - Very rarely updated blog. Has a lot of my video game, toy reviews, and just life in general.

Abandoned projects

Mega Base Retro Forum - Remember forums? This was one my brother and I ran for retro video game discussion. Nothing much there now...post if you want to I guess?