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Video Projects

I love VHS mix tapes and boots. Below are some that I've done or currently working on.
*Disclaimer* I make these for myself for my own personal use and are not for sale.

Saturdey Mornin Cartoons
Saturdey Morning Cartoons contains 6 hours of random 80s and early 90s cartoons and commercials copied from my existing tapes. Just put this in and be transported back to the good ol days. Great to have on to listen to in the background at work. More volumes are planned.

This boot in blue contains all of the new animations they did for Sonic Origins, Sonic Mania Adventures, dub of my childhood copy of the Sonic OVA, Night of the Werehog, a dump of pretty much everything on Sonic Jam for Sega Saturn and other stuff. I mainly made this just for the convenience of physically having all of this media in one place. To the right is my copy of the Sonic OVA.

Sonic tape vol 2
A second version of my Sonic mix tape containing the Japanese audio version of the Sonic OVA along with another collection of classic official animations from the franchise. Currently adding new Sonic Super Stars content as it comes.

Saturday Mornin Cartoons vol 2: Mutant Mayhem.
Saturdey Mornin Cartoons Vol 2: Mutant Mayhem is jammed packed with so much mutated madness your VCR might melt. With favorites like Toxic Crusaders, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Sharks, and even that one Battletoads thing.....and more!

I'm always working on more exciting tapes. Stay tuned!